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BeaconCFO is a strategic partnership between Bryan Costin, Peter Franz and David Olson and Beacon Financial Partners. The experienced and professional BeaconCFO team provides tailored financial solutions for each client.


Our goal is to help our clients build and protect their wealth in an environment that is constantly changing. Our business is based on implementing strategies to manage uncertainty and risk. We prepare for a range of economic and investment environments and accept risk only when we believe it is necessary. By executing proven strategies, and managing the factors we can control, our focus is to place our clients in position to succeed.


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We are available to provide advice and service in the following areas:


Financial Planning:

  • We provide goal-oriented strategies for retirement, education, business transition, estate liquidity and distribution.

  • Implement strategies that seek to minimize risk and align with client objectives.

  • Provide tools to our clients to monitoring and evaluate their financial condition, including updated personal financial statements, balance sheets and cash-flow projections.


Investment Management:

  • We construct core portfolios of globally diversified investment vehicles designed for long-term growth.

  • Monitor investment risk and return, fees, taxes and comparative performance.

  • Integrate alternative investments and strategies to help minimize volatility and align with specific client needs and priorities.


Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans:

  • We implement Beacon’s planning, risk and cost strategies for employees.

  • Provide advanced plan design and fee transparency for employers.


Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance*:

  • We believe careful use of insurance can help minimize the risk that unexpected, catastrophic events could destroy our clients’ ability to meet their basic needs and goals.

  • Evaluate insurance policies and premiums to help provide the most efficient risk reduction.

*CPA services are not offered through, or supervised by, Lincoln Investment, Capital Analysts, or Beacon Financial Partners. 

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