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Advisor Affiliates

We are actively recruiting advisory practices to join our Advisor Affiliate Network. 

Scale matters in the financial advisory space.  It can provide pricing leverage and unlock better customer service with broker-dealers, custodians, and investment companies. 

Beacon makes up a conglomerate of independently functioning financial planning teams that all operate under one roof.  We have actively worked to position ourselves as an advisor friendly firm for independent practices to align with.

Our goal is to provide advisors the opportunity to operate their practices as efficiently and independently as possible without being weighed down by time-intensive work they don’t enjoy.

In 2015 we formed our own R.I.A. to bring an added element of independence to our firm beyond a complete affiliation with a Broker-Dealer.  We feel this is where the advisory world is going, and the hybrid model makes the most sense.

Beacon provides access to an independent, hybrid business model that allows our affiliates to maintain ownership of their practice, brand, and revenue flows while plugging into Beacon to take advantage of what we have to offer. 

Financial Report

The Beacon Advantage

An affiliation with Beacon offers independence via RIA access, higher payouts, technology tools, automated rebalancing, additional advisor support, and succession planning.


By aligning with us, advisors can outsource:

  • Payroll

  • Fee billing

  • Staff oversight

  • Compliance

  • B/D issue resolution

Beacon utilizes TD Ameritrade and Fidelity as custodians for our R.I.A. and Lincoln Investment as our Broker-Dealer.

Who we are a good fit for:

  • Experienced advisors with strong books of business ($300,000+).

  • Advisors looking for succession planning, merger/buyout, or a new firm to align with.

  • Advisors with a “client first” mindset.

Contact Us

25825 Science Park Drive, #110 Cleveland, OH 44122

Tel: (216) 910-1850

Fax: (216) 910-1899

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