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A financial firm in Cleveland dedicated to helping you build, protect and preserve your wealth through comprehensive financial planning and investment management.


What We Do

Financial Planning and Investment Management for individuals and families. 

Our advisors partner with people to help them plan out their finances, manage their investment accounts, and make smart financial decisions.

Beacon advisors provide holistic financial advice that may involve the following topics: investments, budgeting, retirement planning, insurance planning, estate planning, college savings, charitable giving, and tax-efficient investing. 

Whether you're a professional looking to have your investments managed, a pre-retiree trying to understand what retirement looks like, or a seasoned retirement vet, we've got a great group of professionals who are excited to help you connect the dots in your financial life.

Our Advisor's Process


We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, values, current financial status, income needs and the future you imagine for yourself.


We’ll develop a plan that will be reviewed with you, outlining recommended solutions and strategies to consider.


We'll help you execute your plan, selecting the tools and resources necessary to implement your strategy.  

How Do We Help Get Our Clients to their Goals?

Over the last thirteen years, Beacon has continually studied and researched the most effective ways to manage money and guide our clients towards intelligent financial decision making.  


Our investment philosophy is driven by comprehensive academic research.  We don’t pick hot stocks, we don’t try to outguess the market and we don’t believe in “get rich quick” schemes.   Instead, we embrace fundamental truths that have withstood the test of time, and apply these truths to the portfolios we manage to help control investment risk and capture predictable returns.

Beacon's Story

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Beacon was formed back in 2006 by our six founding partners.  Having been frustrated with the limitations placed upon them from working at a large, corporate wealth management firm, they decided to break off and formed Beacon with a desire to provide independent financial advice to their clients.

Beacon has tripled in size since 2006 while still maintaining the boutique, personal feel of a local wealth management firm.  Our advisors operating according to the fiduciary standard, and maintain a sharp focus on doing what's best for the client at all times.  Because we are an independent firm, our advisors are able to survey the entire financial landscape to find the best products and investments available to help our clients achieve their goals.


We feel Beacon’s client-centric planning approach as well as our intelligent and experienced advisors allow us to stand apart from our competitors.   


Beacon Financial Advisory, LLC was recognized as one of the Top Advisory Firms in Cleveland by Smart Asset in 2019.

Strategic Partners

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Contact Us

25825 Science Park Drive Suite 110, Cleveland, OH 44122

Phone Number: (216) 910-1850


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