Investment Philosophy

Over the last sixteen years, Beacon has continually studied and researched the most effective ways to manage money and guide our clients towards intelligent financial decision making.

Our investment philosophy is driven by comprehensive academic research and deep data analysis.

We embrace fundamental investment truths that have withstood the test of time, and we apply these truths to the portfolios we manage to help control investment risk and capture predictable returns.
Our portfolios are tailored to client needs. We believe your portfolio should be allocated to balance your long-term growth needs with enough stability for the short-term so you can prosper in any market condition.
By using evidence-based strategies, we can stay focused on your personal portfolio’s performance while tuning out the media noise and market speculation around us. This is done by choosing sound asset allocation options that best fit your risk tolerance and your current situation in life. This strategy is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate your unique investment personality, while structured enough to provide insight into your expected returns.

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