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Why Beacon?


Beacon's financial advisors have a duty to all clients.  It is our responsibility to provide fair and full disclosure of all material facts and act solely in the best interest of each of our clients at all times.  We have no “hidden agenda” or drive to sell any financial product in particular. 

Unbiased Investment Advice

Beacon Financial values unbiased investment research and advice. We have access to many independent research resources as well as Lincoln Investment's CAAMS in-house research team, which has more than 4 CFAs. We thoroughly analyze products  and only select investments that are best suited to our clients' needs. Beacon offers no proprietary products, investment banking business, or any other conflicts that may get in the way of providing independent, objective, and unbiased investment recommendations.

Comprehensive Approach

Beacon Financial Partners believes it is important to take a holistic approach to financial planning. Taking a holistic approach to financial planning can help in providing direction and meaning to your financial life. Typically, the different aspects of people's finances are viewed in a silo, never taking the others into consideration. By viewing each aspect as part of a greater whole, you can better consider it's short and long-term effects on your future.

Knowing that financial planning is an on-going, dynamic process, we offer our clients periodic service meetings, portfolio rebalancing, and retirement planning. As your needs change our investment strategy will change to meet your current financial situation.

Investment Approach

Beacon's independent advisors have access to thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative investments. Free from the constraint of proprietary products and investment banking relationships we are able to work with our clients on a more personal basis to determine which investment options are best suited to their unique financial situation and risk-tolerance.

Competitive Rates & Pricing

Beacon's financial advisors offer clients the opportunity to work with us on a fee-only basis. This allows us to offer truly objective financial advice and align our goals with our clients' goals. Through our fee-only program we are able to adjust your investment portfolio without requiring you to pay commissions. Most importantly, since annual fees are based on total assets under management, fee-only asset management ties our compensation directly to the performance of your account, helping to elminate any conflicts of interest.

Exceptional Personal Service

Beacon's financial advisors offers exceptional personal service. Each client works directly with an advisor when making important investment decisions. In addition, every client is assigned to a Client Services Manager. We are committed to accommodating our individual client’s needs and answering their important questions within 24 hours.

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